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Completely ensure your outdoor billboard is more durable and beautiful. The excellent engineer of steel structure analysis.

A unipole billboard is the largest standard-sized billboard.This product delivers maximum exposure to vehicular traffic on expressways,
ighways and primary arteries.Unipole billboards are commonly used as a directional to reach long-distance travelers,pointing them to
the nearest locationsfor restaurants,lodging and fuel. Unipole billboards also offer creative flexibility limited only by the imagination.
Three-dimensional designs,moving parts and extensions make these boards impossible to ignore.

Variable structure, research and production for different parts of the world BBD Billboard,specially designed for you.

Unipole billboard of BBD disigned different structure to adapt to the climate , environmental and legal requirements in different areas of the world. Commonly used structure are bolt net structure, the structure of the Angle Steel and beam structure, etc. Solid,handsome,affordable,distinctive is the standard to measure our billboards.

If you have special demand model, BBD can provide customized service for you.

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