Saving and environmental protection

We want to leave the world better than we found it.

Each of us face the reality of the earth's environment deterioration.As a production-oriented enterprises,We are willing to take responsibility to protect earth's environment. We wish the responsibility into every cell of the enterprise. We are so proud of doing more.

Long term free maintenance for outdoor products

Outdoor billboards often paint surface to meet the anti-corrosion effect, and need to maintain every year to ensure that anti-corrosion effect. In order to solve the problem of paint pollution and labor waste, Our company introduces the hot-dip galvanization technology to ensure billboard won’t get rust for at least 10 years.

Knock down structure, reusable theory

When design billboards, BBD fully considered reusable performance of structure. Many products use 60mm angle iron system, which achieved standardized design and numerical controlled production,making every components can be commonly used, resuable and reducing the resouse waste.

Equip with green energy——LED solar power system

In order to reach good illumination effect at night, one double sided billboard using floodlights consumes 32 kwh in 5 working hours everyday. Each year the power consuption is 11680 kwh. If this billboard using our LED lights(18w/pc) to illuminate, the annual power consuption is only 1051.2 kwh. Further, if this billboard using our solar power system, we can fulfill green energy to illuminate with zero electricity consuption.

Easy installation.Less time,Less labor cost, and less impact on the environment.

The design concept of BBD billboard is all products can be easily installed in the construction site and we use numerical contro lled equipments to produce,ensuring the accuracy and aesthetics of product.Components are connected by bolt and don't need to cut and weld on site. This reduces the difficulty of installation and workers can easily complete the job. The location of billboards is usually near the road and construction will affect traffic and environment. The installation of BBD is very easy and will maximunly reduce the construction time.

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