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Hoardings Billboard

Hoardings billboard is a large scale landscape billboard.It is mainly used to surround a construction site or as a temporary billboard. The picture area of advertising is large,so the advertisement effect is very good.

Gantry includes corss-road billboards and pedestrian bridges. There is certain limits of height. Engineers need to strictly calculate the structure’s bearing capacity and wind resistance.Advertising media generally choose flex banner or led screens.

Variable structure, research and production for different parts of the world BBD Billboard,specially designed for you.

BBD Hoardings Billboard and Gantry adopt hot-dip galvanized knock-down structures. Each components is connected by bolt,so the installation is very qucik. All Structure uses 60 mm angle irons to design.All accessories can be commonly used and solved the problem of LED screen installation.Using our structure, you can install LED screens successfully even the span error reaches 50cm

If you have special demand model, BBD can provide customized service for you.

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